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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

6 of the very best family game night games everyone will love.

Hands down, our most favorite way to spend time as a family is around the dinner table playing games. Family game night started years ago when our kids were still pretty little with games like Spot it, dominos, and go fish. There are so many fun games for every age group and a lot of them are actually fun for grown-ups, too!

Tenzi is a quick, dice rolling game. Roll ten of the same number, yell "TENZI!" You win! It's fast paced and doesn't take long to play, which is nice when you have a little downtime. We like Tenzi because you can play straight from the case, or make it even more fun with THESE cards. The cards have patterns, and bunches of different ways to get "Tenzi!" This is great for kids of all ages. Number recognition, motor skills practice, and quick movements... all while having a rolling good time! There are a couple different cases you can buy. One with four sets of dice and another with eight. We bought both and then figured out that this game is even better the more people you have playing so we bought a bag of 20 sets of ten dice to accommodate a larger crowd, That way no one is ever left out. Bonus, this game is good for kids 5 and up. If they can count dots, they can play.

Ticket to ride is a fun strategy game. The object is to build a train from one destination to another based on cards you draw. There are bonus points if you build the longest train, which is always my goal. If you have a few hours to burn, Ticket to Ride is a super fun game. Time flies when we play. It's great, too, because it helps with Geography without kids knowing they're learning! Plus, you can buy this extension pack for even more fun! Best for players 8 and up. If you like Ticket to Ride, you might like another game called Swashbuckled. I bought our Swashbuckled game at Swiss Days 2017 in Midway, Utah. My sister-in-law and I went on the last day. The creator of the game was running one of the vendor booths and was trying to pack up the last of his inventory and offered me a great deal. It is a time-consuming game, but one that we love. You can find their website HERE.

Cover Your Assets makes it okay to steal from your neighbor. ONLY in the card game. There are ten sets of ten asset cards and gold and silver wild cards. The goal is to match up and collect the assets and then cover them up before someone steals them from you. Cover your Assets is a hilarious, nailbiter of a game that makes you take risks strategizing how to steal from your neighbor all while trying to protect the piles of cards in front of you. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins.  This is easily one of our top favorite games right now. It's easy to learn and takes about  15 minutes to play a round, but I can almost guarantee you won't be ready to stop after just one. 

Qwirkle is an excellent color and shape mix and match game. It reminds me of Scrabble because it is on wooden tiles and you lay it out like a crossword puzzle, matching shapes or colors. This is one of the best games for a family with a wide range of ages. Our kids started playing Quirkle at age four and still love it now that they are much older. This is the perfect game for family game night beginners as well as the seasoned pro. It is different every time we play and never gets boring.

Farkle is a dice game of luck and chance. Ones and fives count for points as well as combinations of pairs, triples, runs and other dice combos. If you don't have any of those numbers or combinations you Farkle, losing all the points you accumulated that round. It's only a little more complicated than Tenzi, however still appropriate for players 7 and up. 

6. Wacky Six

Wacky Six is great because it is like solitaire in a group. Everyone plays their cards in their hand, on the table, and in their stack of cards. We love Wacky six because it is a fantastic game for number recognition. It's fast-paced and a round typically takes 5-10 minutes. Plus, it's a great introduction to other games, like Nertz.

A few other suggestions: Headbandz, BellzPass The Pigs, and Canasta. There are so many fun family games out there! What are your favorites?

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