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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Fresh Garden Veggie Pizza

If your garden is anything like mine, you are swimming in a sea of fresh veggies. I am in Heaven! My biggest struggle is trying to use my homegrown produce before it rots. This recipe is perfect for just that. It's quick and easy, too, which makes it even better! The perfect combination of creamy ranch and crisp, cool veggies, you are going to love how refreshing this dinner recipe tastes!

You will need
2 loaves or 24 Rhodes frozen rolls bread dough (or you can make your own bread dough)
1 8oz block cream cheese (or 8 oz. plain Greek yogurt)
1 packet ranch dressing mix
colby jack cheese, shredded
Cherry tomatoes
Cucumbers (I used mini cucumbers)
**you can use whatever garden veggies you like eating raw, this is just the way I like it. Don't be shy! Get creative! We have tried adding green and purple onions, green peppers, peas, and shredded carrots. It's up to you!

First, you will want to defrost your rolls. This takes about an hour on the counter top (or prep your dough, if you are using a homemade recipe). Then, Roll out the dough, poke with a fork all over,  and bake on a pizza stone at 425 for about 13 minutes. Allow to cool completely. Once cool, mix together cream cheese and ranch dressing. This will serve as your pizza sauce. Layer on ranch mixture and top with garden veggies and cheese. Finally, serve cold.

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