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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Habits to start NOW for happier, stress-free school mornings.

Getting ready and out the door on time for school use to be so stressful. It seemed like there was always something that would set us behind schedule and we were constantly running late.

Then a friend told me about the things she and her kids do every night to save time (and sanity) in the morning. We tried it, and it has made all the difference! 

Now we are always on time, often early. Life is organized and our stress level is so much better! Let's be real, your morning has a big impact on the rest of your day. Starting your day off right can make all the difference!

Most of our morning routine begins at night. Sounds crazy, right. But trust me, It works! Here is our routine.

 Before bed each night: 
  • Set out outfits for the next day 
  • Make lunches
  • Gather all supplies and homework, make sure everything is neatly put away in backpacks
  • Place book bags by the door, along with shoes and jackets. 
  • Shower (brush and dry hair). Pajamas.
  • Brush and floss teeth
  • Set alarm, make sure you allot plenty of time to get ready without hurrying.
  • Double check alarm
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time. 
In the morning:
  • Wake up with your alarm. No snoozing!
  • Turn on music 
  • Dress and style hair
  • Eat breakfast 
  • Brush and floss teeth
  • Put on shoes and jacket, grab backpack
  • Head to the bus stop.
That's it, it really is that easy! And it works! Do you have a school morning routine that is awesome?   

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