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Monday, September 17, 2018

Reading time Monday: Awesome Books for Preteen Boys

I am so excited to start a new series of posts. It's especially exciting because my kids are helping me out, and I LOVE that! Today's post comes to you from my tween son who used to really dig his heels in about reading. He loved listening to books but had a difficult time wanting to sit down and read on his own. I asked him what books changed his mind about reading and he smiled. This is his list of game-changing books.
1. Wonder

Wonder is a book that we first listened to on Audible and he has reread on his own four more times.  It is a wonderful book about a special boy, named Auggie, who is different and teased for it. The story is all about the power of kindness and acceptance. It's a book that EVERYONE should read, and is even a major motion picture. (You can find the movie HERE)

2. Secret Series

This series of books is written by Pseudonymous Bosch and is packed with Jaw-dropping mystery. The story is about three middle school kids, Cass, Max Ernest, Yo-Yoji, and their adventures in "Terces Society" (That is secret spelled backward) whose goal is to keep information away from the Midnight Sun Society. These books were so good, my son read all five of them in just three months.

3. Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket pens some seriously sad stories that keep you coming back time and time again. With so many twists and turns, you simply cannot put these books down. There are 13 books in all, which is kind of a double edge sword. It's awesome because once you start reading you won't want to stop until you finish the series but it's bad because you will want to read the entire series and do nothing else.

4. The BFG

The BFG is serious silliness. It's a bit of a tricky read since there are so many nonsense words. However, it is a fun book that tells the story of a little girl who is taken by a big friendly giant who takes her back to his home where she learns about the even bigger and scarier giants who terrorize the world. The plot thickens as they devise a plan to get rid of the scary giants. This is a nail-biter that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.   It is also a major motion picture! So you can watch the BFG movie once you are finished reading the book.

5. The Bad Books

His final book suggestion is the Bad Books Series (He really likes Pseudonymous Bosch). He gravitated to these books because of the author but stayed for the humor and magic. He tells me you just need to trust him that these books are amazing. He doesn't want to give anything away.

He would love to hear your favorite book suggestions! Happy Reading!

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