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Monday, September 24, 2018

Reading Time Monday: Best Books for Teen Guys

We are on Fall Break from school this week and we have a ton of fun things going on. One thing I am most excited about is this darling little bookstore I found nearby.  It reminds me of the bookstore Meg Ryan's character runs in the movie, You've Got Mail. I can hardly wait to take my kids! I love that they love bookstores as much as I do!

But, before we go anywhere, my oldest son has been chomping at the bit for his turn to share his latest and greatest book finds. This boy of mine started reading when he was four and is rarely seen without a book in his hand unless he is on the baseball diamond. He is a bookworm to the core and he has been working hard on this post about the books he is hooked on right now. Here are his five book suggestions for teen guys. Take it away, buddy!

Alright! Here are my most recent book addictions...

1.) Divergent Series

The Divergent series was incredible, because they are Dystopian, meaning a futuristic time period that is unlikely to actually take place. The books were a combination of action and mystery. I personally liked the books for those reasons.

2.) Maze Runner series

The maze runner books were good for a number of reasons. at first, the boy's memory is wiped so he has no memory of the outside world, and then he realizes that he is trapped inside a massive maze that a group of other boys explore to find a way out. I liked the books because it made you think. things that happen in the beginning suddenly tie in at the end.

3.) Hunger Games Series

Hunger Games series was also a Dystopian novel. It is in a place where the government sends 26 teenagers into an arena to kill each other every year for the entertainment of the president, and the rest of the country. But one year two of the teens live instead of just the one teen. so it also makes you think plus all the action with all the tricks of the arena.

4.) Magnus Chase Series

These books are based off of Norse mythology. They were good because they were funny and also full of action. the main character finds out he is the son of a Norse god by the name of Frey, the god of life, healing, and fertility. So with the fame of being Freys' son, he embarks on a dangerous and quite hilarious journey to stop his crazy uncle Loki and his insane plan to start Ragnarok and end the world

5.) Kane Chronicles

These books take place in Egyptian Mythology. The two main characters are twins. one day they are in a museum with their dad when the shrine he is studying explodes. That's when they find out they are descendants of Horus and Isis (Egyptian gods) and it unlocks a cool, funny, and dangerous magical journey to stop Apophis, the giant snake whose name means chaos, who wants to also destroy the world.

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