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Friday, October 5, 2018

Nerf Wars! Family fun activity

It's been raining here a lot lately. Today I had high hopes of taking the family on a cool, fall hike... but the weather chose not to cooperate. So, instead, I decided to spring something sinister on my poor unsuspecting husband. (insert maniacal laugh here)

The kids and I rounded up all the nerf guns and ammo we could find in the house, which was surprisingly a lot! Then, with a little creativity, we drew up a warning that we strategically placed outside on the front door where we were sure he would see it.

A few minutes before our clueless victim walked through the door, we found some hiding places and queued up the mission impossible theme song, and we got ready to ambush.

We heard his truck pull in the driveway and the engine shut off. Then we waited... The anticipation was almost more than we could bear!

Through the window, we could see him walk up to the door. He saw our warning letter and smiled. "Good," I thought, "He wants to play!"

Just then, the door creaked open. We started the music as nerf darts began flying through the air.  He tried to tip-toe in, but the onslaught of airborne ammo overpowered his puny firepower and he fell to the floor laughing and scrambling for the soft foam darts.

The war was on. One child, hiding on the balcony, began pelting us with darts down below. Another boy hiding behind a door caught us off guard with a super sneaky sniper attack. Our youngest, armed with a fully automatic Nerf gun, shot wildly, hitting everyone and everything in sight.

For well over an hour we ducked, dodged, darted, and dove out of the way of Nerf Bullets. Our sides ached from laughing so hard and we totally forgot all about our canceled plans.

It was the best, most fun family night we have ever had. We laughed until we cried and we are definitely going to do it again! Three cheers for Nerf Wars!

Let us know how your Nerf war goes!

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