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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Random Acts of Kindness For Your Wife

In my last post I shared some ways wives can show their husbands random acts of kindness.  Now it is the wife's turn to be spoiled.

It's easy to forget and take for granted all the things our significant other does for us. I know that for me, hearing a simple thank you can brighten my day. I try to remember to do the same for him.

Husbands, here is your chance to shine. Let her know how much you adore her with some simple, yet effective random acts of kindness.

  1.  Tell her she is beautiful
  2.  Clean the kitchen after dinner
  3.  Take care of the kid's bedtime routine, give her the night off
  4.  Clean her car
  5.  Leave her a love note
  6.  Take her on a date
  7.  Give her your undivided attention (no TV, phone, tablet, computer)
  8.  Let her pick the movie
  9.  Give her a heartfelt compliment
  10.  Tell her you love her

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