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Monday, October 1, 2018

Reading Time Monday: Favorite Books For Tween Girls

The past two weeks, each of my boys took a turn recommending books for guys their age. My teenage son told of his most recent favorites HERE and my pre-teen told us the books the make his fall in love with books HERE. Since her bothers took their turns, their little sister has been patiently waiting.  Finally, today's book reviews are given by my daughter. She has been so excited to tell you all about her favorite books and book series.

1. Land of Stories series 

The Land of Stories is written by Chris Colfer, who you may also know as Kurt Hummel from Glee. These books are our most favorite. The stories are about a world where all the characters from Fairy Tales, and other well-known stories, live. Twins Alex and Connor find themselves magically transported into the Land of Stories where they have all sorts of wonderful, exciting, suspenseful adventures. This is a great book for reading out loud with your kids, or for kids to read independently.

Her take: I like this series because it is full of adventures from a different world full of storybook characters I already know! It's fun to think of them living a life outside of the stories they are known for.

2. Matilda,

Roald Dahl's Matilda is a family favorite. Matilda is a child prodigy who learns she can control objects around her with her mind. Her life is sad, but she stays positive and uses her new powers for good.

Her take: I like this book because it is cool to think that a girl has vision powers! I like it even more because she is nice even though she is always treated badly.

3. Wonder

If you have not read Wonder, you need to get on board. Wonder is one of those books that will make you feel all the feels. Auggie is a boy who was born different. Because of his differences, Auggie had been homeschooled up until middle school when it is decided that he will go to public school. The story picks up as Auggie has to face the challenges of middle school where he has to navigate some hard situations. We love this book. It is life changing!

Her take: I like this book because it shows people how to be kind!

4. The One And Only Ivan 

The One and Only Ivan is a cute story about a Gorilla held in captivity inside a cage in the mall. Ivan learns how to paint and makes lots of paintings of bananas. His world is turned upside down when his friend, an elephant, passes away. He knows he has to get away. If you love animals, you will love The One and Only Ivan. 

Her take: I like this book because it has a silverback gorilla and an elephant and a dog!

5. Heidi Heckelbeck

Heidi Hecklebeck is a fun, easy read about a little girl with magical powers and the shenanigans she gets herself into. It is a darling series that would be great for first chapter books. This is one of those book series that my daughter has read over and over.  I love the darling drawings that selp break up the chapters and that the story is easy to follow, even for early readers.

Her take: I like this book because it has a girl that has magic powers!

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