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Monday, October 8, 2018

Spooky Halloween Books for Kids

What better way is there to get into the spirit of Halloween than with a good spooky story? I loved Halloween stories as a kid! I have a little list of creepy stories for all ages. Thrill your kids with these spine-tingling tales for Halloween!

Little Monsters, by Jan Pienkowski, is a fun pop up book with little monsters on each page. The illustrations are so cute. In the end, you get to go back and count the monsters, so it's awesome for kids learning how to count. This was a staple growing up and one that my children have loved reading each Halloween, as well.

I Need My Monster, by Amanda Noll, is a not so scary tale. Gabe the Monster has gone fishing for a week. Whatever will the boy do without a monster under his bed? He NEEDS his monster! This book is fun to read and the illustrations are gorgeous! Also, Look for the second book Hey, That's my Monster!

Want to tell a scary story, but nothing TOO scary? This is the book you're looking for. It's the just right a kind of scary. Tell Me a Scary Story is easy, light, and just spooky enough to be called a scary story.

More cute than scary, Where's My Mummy is a cute tale of a mummy who lost his mommy. So many creepy noises and things that go bump in the night! Mummy needs to find his mommy!

Vunce Upon a Time is a super silly tale about a Vampire who is not a usual vampire. He is a Vegetarian! Yay for books that teach our kids to love veggies!

Ready for something a little scarier? These scary stories kick it up a tiny bit. I love that these are stories your early reader can read on their own, or better yet, read to someone else! In a Dark, Dark Room was my favorite Halloween book as a first grader. I remember feeling like such a big kid because it was kinda creepy, especially the story about the girl with a ribbon on her neck. I loved it so much!

Goosebumps were another favorite series. R.L. Stine knew how to creep kids out! I read all of them as a kid and my kids have read them, too. Do you remember the one with the hands that play the piano on their own? Or the one with the crazy dummy that came to life?? So creepy! Perfect for Halloween time! Which one was your favorite?

Finally, The book that creeped me out and made it hard to fall asleep at night. I haven't even let my kids read it yet. However, I read them over and over as a kid. These Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark are perfect for kids who love bone-chilling tales and adults who, like me, are scary story lightweights.

What is your favorite Halloween book?

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