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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Kindness for Veterans

With Veterans Day coming up this Sunday, I thought it would be a great time to share some ideas for spreading kindness and appreciation for the brave service men and women who sacrifice so much to keep our country free. Whether they're serving now or have served in the past, I am grateful for their actions and example as they leave their families to fight for the causes of freedom.

1. When you see a service man or woman in their fatigues, thank them for their service.
2. Write letters to troops who are deployed.
3. Go to a nursing home and visit with retired war veterans.
4. Send baked goods or care packages to troops overseas (ideas HERE)
5. Have your kids draw pictures and write letters to veterans.
6. Volunteer at your local VA hospital (link HERE)
7. Do yard work or other services for the family of a deployed soldier.
8. Fly an American Flag in your yard.
9. Get involved with the Wounded Warrior Project
10. Adopt a soldier

Thank you to all who serve!

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