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Thursday, November 1, 2018

November Thankful Challenge

There are so many things to be thankful for.  This month, I am going to post a picture of something I am grateful for each day on Instagram. I'll be following this word prompt list and I would love if you'd follow along! Use the hashtags #ScatteredSunshine and #30daysof Thanks on your posts so I can see and heart what you're sharing. You can find me by searching @Scattered__Sunshine

Instagram #30daysofThanks

November 1: Love
November 2: Family
November 3: Nature
November 4: Kindness
November 5: Service
November 6: Faith
November 7: Friends
November 8: Color
November 9: Treats
November 10: Hands
November 11: Freedom
November 12: Warmth
November 13: Strength
November 14: Creativity
November 15: Heart
November 16: Peace
November 17: Joy
November 18: Seasons
November 19: Sharing
November 20: Hope
November 21: Rest
November 22: Food
November 23: Convenience
November 24: Happiness
November 25: Education
November 26: Togetherness
November 27: Trials
November 28: Blessings
November 29: Memories
November 30: Gratitude

I'll See you on Instagram!

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