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Monday, November 12, 2018

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids and Families

I am just so excited it is finally Holiday time, aren't you? I love the excitement in the air, all the family get-togethers, the food... I love all of it! Over the next week, I will be posting about all things Thanksgiving! I can hardly wait to share my ideas with you!

Today I have some fun activities you can do with your kids and family. My favorite it this Turkey SHoot game. My kids made some balloon turkeys using these yellow balloons and sharpie markers. Then we gathered all the Nerf guns and ammo we could find and took turns seeing who could rack up the most points. I WON!! It was a blast! I especially loved it because it was totally free, we used only the things we had on hand and we were occupied for over an hour laughing and trying to beat the others' scores. SO much fun!

Another fun thing to do is put on a puppet show! My younger two made these puppets out of lunch sacks and construction paper. Aren't they fun? Then they put on a mini play that was so clever and hilarious! Kids are so creative!

These little Tootsie Pop Turkeys are a classic. I remember making them when I was a kid. I didn't have any googly eyes, so we used eye sprinkles we had on hand from another project. Still, I think they turned out pretty cute.

Finally, I had my ids sit down and draw things they were grateful for on a brown paper bag. Then, we cut a slit in the front and tied and frayed the top. These Gratitude Teepees are so stinking cute! I think this is a tradition I want to continue from now on. Don't you think they would make cute candy bags? 
Happy Thanksgiving! 
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