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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Thanksgiving crafts to make with your kids

Now that we are in the swing of Thanksgiving preparations, I have a few craft and activity ideas for you. These will be lifesavers for the in-between times where there is usually not a lot going on for the kids.

Pumpkin Spice Slime

Let me just start out by saying that I am not a huge fan of slime. I think it is great fun to play with, but if your kids are like mine, they get up to do something else and forget to put it away. It is so messy. Especially if it ends up in the carpet. THESE containers help minimize slime spills and help keep your slime moist for months.

That being said, this slime recipe is so much fun for Thanksgiving. It smells so good!

You will need:
2 teaspoons Borax
1 cup Warm Water

5 ounces White or clear school glue
1/2 cup Warm water
food coloring
pumpkin pie spice

mix borax and water until dissolved. In a separate bowl, mix glue, water, food coloring, and pumpkin pie spice. Next, combine both bowls. As the contents mix, the slime will begin to form. Work it with your hands for a few minutes. Then drain off any remaining watery solution left in the bowl. Stretch, pull, roll, and have fun with your slime. Just make sure you put it away when you're done.

Turkey Luminaries

These cute little luminaries would be so cute as table decorations. They're so simple but so fun. I found this idea HERE.

You will need:
Small Jars
real or silk leaves
Battery powered tea light candles
Mod Podge & foam brush
Colored tissue paper

Cut the tissue paper to desired shapes and design. Coat the entire outside of the jar and lay the tissue paper in the desired pattern. Allow to dry. Place battery powered tea light candle in the jar and enjoy!

Treat Teepees

These fun little teepees can be used as place cards, as a place to draw what you're thankful for, or as treat holders. I love the simplicity of the paper bag, too.

You will need:
Brown lunch sacks
crayons, markers, or colored pencils
ribbon or string

Writing Quills

How fun are these writing quills? They would be fun for writing thank you notes or for taking to school for a classroom gift.

You will need:
Hot glue
ribbon, washi tape, or string

Hot glue feathers evenly around pencils making sure to leave the eraser exposed, wrap the bottom of the feathery area with washi tape, ribbon, or string.

Gratitude scavenger hunt

We LOVE scavenger hunts! Use this list to find things around you to be grateful for. It's a great way to connect as a family and an even better way to remember all the blessings you have to be grateful for. 

Gratitude Jar

Using slips of paper, write things you are thankful for and place them in the jar. Take turns reading them around the Thanksgiving dinner table.

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