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Friday, December 7, 2018

Simplifying Christmas

Sometimes I feel like I go overboard with Christmas. I always start early in the year. Sometimes I buy way too much stuff. I just love finding good deals... but more importantly, I love watching my kids open gifts and seeing the joy in their faces. Often times, though, Christmas Eve, after the kids have gone to bed, we spend a good amount of time sorting the gifts into what we'll actually give them for Christmas and what we'll save to give as Birthday presents. I

Not this year, though.This year we are simplifying Christmas. Under the tree Christmas Morning our kids will find something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read, and something to do (an activity to participate in). We will put a few tiny trinkets and treats in their stockings but that is all.

Earlier this season, I asked my kids to give me a list of five things in each category: Want, Need, Wear, Read, Do. After explaining the plan for this year, we told them that we'd choose one thing from each of the five categories, so to give it a lot of thought before giving the list back. They were so sweet as they considered what they'd like, talking with each other and comparing lists. In the end, everyone turned in a simple notecard with simple wishlist items. It was exactly what I had hoped for and made shopping so much easier.

I am really looking forward to watching them open gifts on Christmas morning. What is your gifting tradition?  Are you an early shopper or do you wait until the last minute? Do you bargain shop or do you splurge on hot ticket items? Are you like me and buy way too much, or are you organized with specific lists, like we did this year?

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