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Monday, December 3, 2018

Telling Your Child The Truth about Santa

I love the magic and love the surrounds Christmas. I love giving gifts and singing carols. I always have. I love Christmas so much, I believed in Santa until I was almost 12. I remember being the only kid in my sixth-grade class who still believed and thinking they were all crazy for thinking their parents were Santa Claus. The magic and wonder of Christmas were very important to me and I just was not ready to let it go. I think I just needed to believe until I was ready to let it go. So I did. There was no traumatic experience of finding out my parents really had been Santa Claus all along. It was just a truth I came to understand.

The same went for my oldest son. He came to me one day and told me that he knew and that it was okay because he liked being part of the surprise. We talked about how Santa Claus really was a real man and that he was so loved and appreciated, that moms and dads all over the world carry on his traditions. That now he knew, he was part of a magical society of secret keepers who were charged with keeping the spirit alive. He liked this assignment and did everything he could to help his brother and sister believe.

Earlier this summer, someone else's kids spilled the beans about Santa to my younger two kids. I was pretty ticked. I had hoped to have the same wonderful conversation and easy let down with them that I had with my older. That was not my luck. They were heartbroken. It was so sad. After a bit of consoling, I told them about the magical society of secret keepers, which helped,  and they were eager to join.

I worried that Christmas would lose its sparkle and mystery now that my kids have outgrown Santa. But, truthfully, it has not! Kids are resilient and willing to help... especially when magic is involved! They have really stepped up to make sure they help other kids feel the Christmas spirit. They have been more kind and loving toward each other (now that they know Santa  MOM really IS watching!) It surprised me how willing they are to serve and love in order to keep the magic alive for those around them. It's been wonderful seeing them fully embrace the love and giving of the season, accepting that while Santa is not an actual man who comes down the chimney, but rather a tradition of generosity and love for others.

How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?

Are you in the midst of helping your kids navigate their first non-Santa Claus- believing Christmas?

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