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About Me

This is me.
Hey friends!  I’m Lindsay.
I’m from beautiful Utah where I met and married my husband, Brian.  We have three really great kids (two boys and a girl) who love books, rock climbing, and adventures! We're also the mommy and daddy to an angel boy who was born stillborn. We miss him every single day. Our family recently moved from the mountains of Utah to the canopy covered hills of North Georgia, trading in our ski parkas, hiking boots and three-quilt winter nights for jars of lightning bugs, epic rainstorms, and true Southern Hospitality. The South is an incredible place to live! We are completely in love with living here and tell everyone we know they should join us.

I love cooking and baking, sushi, having a clean house (especially the smell of fresh laundry), dates with my husband, a good slice of pizza, play time with my kids, Christmas, Diet Dr. Pepper, Birthdays, and finding a good deal.  I also adore my husband and am a tad obsessed with raising happy kids. Seeing my kids laugh and grow is probably the greatest gift I've ever been given. My family is everything to me.

I started blogging in 2008 as a way of recording our everyday life. I love collecting memories in hopes of preserving them for later. It is always fun to look back at those earlier posts and see how much my kids have grown and to remember all the silly things they used to do and say. Blogging is a wonderful journaling outlet, for sure!

I started Scattered Sunshine June 2018 as a place to share recipes from my kitchen, random acts of kindness, parenting tips, a few of my favorite products, book reviews, family fun ideas, celebrations, and so much more.  It’s really just a big hodgepodge of my ramblings. I hope you stay a while and browse through all the goodness I share. Please Don't be bashful about leaving comments. I absolutely love hearing from you!
Thanks for following along!  Have a question, comment or suggestion for me? I'd love to hear from you! Email me: Scattered.Sunshine.blog@gmail.com

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This is us.